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Any operation performed to change the appearance of any part or function of the body is called plastic surgery. Reconstruction of tissue deterioration caused by various reasons such as birth or trauma in the person’s external appearance, body and face is the specialty of plastic surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is a treatment used to improve the body’s defects related to organ structure or function. It is also used to regain previous functions even if the person’s appearance changes. For example, it is used to reattach organs severed by trauma to the body. According to its principles, plastic surgery procedures only focus on improving the appearance of the patient.

What and Which Diseases Does Plastic Surgery Treat?

The areas of specialization of plastic surgery are as follows;

  • Cleft palate-lip,
  • Breast repair after cancer,
  • Salivary gland problems,
  • Head and neck tumors, their treatments
  • Facial malformations: congenital mass, asymmetry, rare cleft lip, cleft lip,
  • Craniofacial and maxillofacial anomalies,
  • Abdominal wall and chest defects,
  • Jaw closure disorders
  • Big breast in men
  • Prominent ear and other deformities,
  • Nasal tumors, defects and ruptures,
  • Soft tissue and bone traumas of the face,
  • Maxillofacial surgery,
  • Nevus, congenital tumor, vascular malformations, neoplasms, hemangiomas,
  • Breast deficiency, excess or asymmetry of breast tissue,
  • Repair of genital organs,rejoining of broken organs,
  • Congenital hypospadias, epispadias, vaginal agenesis in genital organs etc.
  • Hand surgeries such as trauma, finger transfer, tumor, finger repair and lengthening,
  • Deformities and deficiencies in the hands and feet,
  • Soft tissue and skin tumors,
  • Peripheral nerve problems such as injury, neurological diseases, tumors,
  • Wounds under the skin due to infection, radiation and other effects,
  • Damage occurs after acute burns in the form of contractures, defects and soft tissue shrinkage, chronic wounds due to electric shock and chemical substances.

Genital organların doğumsal hipospadias, epispadias, vajinal agenezi gibi

Areas of specialization in aesthetic plastic surgery;

  • Skin carea and repair,
  • Eyelid aesthetic,
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Chin reduction-augmentation procedures,
  • Functional and aesthetic nose improvement,
  • Hair transplantation and replacements,
  • Endoscopic face and forehead lift,
  • Brow lift
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures (eyelid and face lift, revision around the mouth, wrinkle treatment)
  • Leg contour correction,
  • Correction of prominent ears or other problems in the ears,
  • Elimination of skin irregularities and scars,
  • Removal of facial peeling, vein and stain deformations with laser applications
  • Operations such as liposuction – treatment with lipectomy for the reduction of skin and subcutaneous fat tissue
  • Aesthetic breast operation.

All these are procedures performed by plastic surgery. However, those who have disorders in their body or those who want to beautify with aesthetics should prefer plastic surgery.

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