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Before Operation

  • Do not drink alcohol 1 week before the operation. Alcohol in the 1 week before the operation
  • If you use it, this may cause more blood loss than normal during the operation.
  • Do not drink coffee, herbal tea or green tea 1 week before the operation.
  • Do not have your hair shaved before the operation. Your hair will be shaved by the staff in our hospital
  • If you have HIV or hepatitis, or If you think that you may have caught this ilness, report this situation before the operation
  • If you are taking medication or have any illness, tell us your illness or report the name and dosage of your medications.
  • Don’t take vitamins and nutritional supplements, proteins or other blood thinners 1 week before the operation.
  • Do not use beverages, food supplements and medicines.
  • If you are using pills, lotions, shampoos and medicines to prevent hair loss (Finastride, Duastride,Minoxile etc.)

Operation Day

  • The operation takes 6 to 8 hours; this period varies according to the person and the number of hair follicles.
  • You should have a good breakfast on the day of the operation.
  • Take a shower before the operation.
  • Before coming to the operation, wear a comfortable buttoned shirt or zippered clothing.(for example, sweatpants, shorts or sneakers). We do not recommend clothing worn by putting over the head, like a t-shirt or sweater! After the treatment, it is strictly forbidden to contact the transplanted area with any place.
  • Do not drink coffee, green tea or herbal tea before the operation!
  • Be sure to bring your ID card/Passport and the amount to be paid with you.


  • After the operation, protect the transplanted area for 1 week against hitting, bonking against something. Take care not to make sudden movements.
  • Take care to keep your head upright for 1 week after the operation, it is recommended not to bend your head too much while eating, talking or sitting etc.
  • After the operation, we recommend that you do ice compresses on your forehead for 3 days to prevent swelling
  • We recommend that you rest for 5 days after the operation and do not lift heavy things.
  • Take care to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily for 1 week after the operation.
  • In this way, edema will be removed from your body more quickly.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 1 week after the operation.
  • If you use cigarettes and other smoking products, we recommend that you reduce the amount you use to 2 to 4  per day  through 1 week after the operation. Otherwise, the hair follicles may not hold.
  • Do not do fitness and sports for 1 month after the operation.
  • Do not consume spicy foods for 1 week after the operation.

Night’s Sleep After Hair Transplant

  • We recommend that you lie on your back for 1 week after the operation with silicone neck pillow we will gave you. In this way, the planting area is prevented from hitting during sleep.

  • Please lie down at some distance from the headboard of the bed.

  • Never touch or scratch your head during sleep.

  • We recommend that you do not have sexual intercourse for 1 week after the operation.

Hair Care After Hair Transplant

  • Do not have your hair cut with a machine, razor or sharp shaver for 6 months after the operation. After the 1st month, have your hair cut with scissors only.

  • If you want to dye your hair, wait for at least 6 months and we recommend that you use only organic hair dye

  • From the third month after hair transplantation, you can use styling products, like wax, gel, hair spray, etc.

  • Do not use hair thickening products. We recommend that you use pills containing biotin vitamins and natural herbal shampoo.

  • You can wear a hat, scarf, helmet, bandana, buckle 2 weeks after the operation. But take care of wearing them the way that they do not narrow the implanted area.

1st month after hair transplantation

After the 1st month, it will appear as if hair transplant has not been done. There may be redness and crusting in the transplanted area. This rash can last for about 4 to 6 weeks in people with sensitive skin.

3rd Months after Hair Transplantation

Real hair growth will start from 3 months after the operation. Within 3 to 5 months, the hair will first grow thin, short and colorless with a light form.

6 to 9 Months after Hair Transplantation

Gradually, the hair begins to grow, becomes thicker, and has a more natural appearance. In the crown of the head, your hair starts to grow after the 6th month.

Final Results After 12 Months

In a period of 9 to 12 months, the hair thickens and regains its natural appearance. Hair continues to grow in the crown of the head until the 14th month.

Painless Hair Transplantation with Local Anesthesia

It is possible to get rid of the problem of baldness with painless hair transplantation. You can learn all the information about hair transplantation by contacting us.
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