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Everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy hair, but in some cases, hair loss makes you feel depressed and causes you to lose your self-confidence. The most important accessories for women are hair and eyebrows. Hair transplantation is a very important treatment method for women who do not have hair.
Do not be afraid if the hair and eyebrows you have are not as desired or they are falling out for different reasons. Now that everything has a solution, you can have healthier, bushy hair and eyebrows with hair and eyebrow transplantation.
The cause of hair loss can be genetic or it can be caused by many factors. Hair loss may increase with hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy. Unhealthy diet, excessive stress, inappropriate and unhealthy lifestyle are very effective in the process of hair loss.

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How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?

People who try many methods and cannot get the result they want, people who do not want to spend much time and sessions prefer hair transplantation as it is a short and definitive solution. Women do not need to shave their hair for hair transplantation. Even without cutting your hair completely, sparseness can be treated by transplanting hair into the spaces between the hairs. After the drawing of the desired model on the eyebrow is completed, the operation process begins with the approval of the patient and the transplantation is made into the eyebrow area. Grafts are taken from healthy hair follicles and transplanted to the problem areas, there is no problem of shedding again in the transplanted hair. The most advantageous aspect of the FUE method, which is one of the hair transplantation methods, is that the hair to be transplanted can be transplanted without cutting the hair, that is, no shortening is made in the hair for hair transplantation in women. The sparseness created by the grafts taken from the nape area is not seen even when the hair is tied up.

How does the process work before and after hair transplantation in women?

Before the operation begins, some analyzes are performed on the patient in order to take precautions. The results are evaluated by the doctor. Grafts are taken from the nape area and kept in the natural transplant solution. Afterwards, channels are opened with advanced technology techniques to place the grafts and the grafts are placed one by one.

After the end of the hair transplant in women, the patient is not washed for two days and the first wash is done at the place where the hair transplant was done. After about 10 days, the places where the hair is transplanted begin to crust. For 10 days, the hair is washed by the patient every day. As the hair is washed regularly, it will regain its natural appearance and within 3 months, 30-35% of hair grows in the transplanted area.

It is seen that 60-65% of the transplanted hair grows in 6 months. It varies from person to person, and between the 8th and 12th months, 100% of the transplanted hair is grown. During the Hair Washing process, care should be taken that the shampoo does not contain chemicals, parabens and colorants. After hair transplantation, it is effective to use vitamins to protect the existing hair and eyebrows.

Painless Hair Transplantation with Local Anesthesia

It is possible to get rid of the problem of baldness with painless hair transplantation. You can learn all the information about hair transplantation by contacting us.
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