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It means Direct Hair Transplant. What is DHI technology made of?

DHI technique is a technique used in FUE hair transplantation method. Because the hair focilles extraction process essentially takes place in the same way by removing the roots one by one. The difference is that when hair transplantation is performed with the DHI method, the graft placement is done directly with an implant without the need to drill a hole for its position.

To obtain the angle of the hair directly, a kind of cannula or hollow needle is used, where the follicle is deposited before and then fixed in the desired place. Naturally, the DHI method has advantages and disadvantages compared to the FUE method.

Advantages of DHI Technique

  • It can be applied without shaving the hair.
  • Its success in obtaining higher follicle density in different areas.
  • It shortens the time the follicles stay out of the body and makes them more durable.
  • Less bleeding with multiple shots or fewer holes to locate the follicle.
  • Since it is a little more complicated than the FUE method, it requires more experienced doctors and more special equipment.

Painless Hair Transplantation with Local Anesthesia

It is possible to get rid of the problem of baldness with painless hair transplantation. You can learn all the information about hair transplantation by contacting us.
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